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ɪ. let’s talk about your muse, yeah?  ariadne is a bamf ok.  and i’m actually supremely thankful that you decided to play her, because you get her character down real well and bring her more appreciation in the process imo.  because she’s mad underrated tbh.  /tHUMBS UP GR8 JOB
ɪɪ. you seem really endearing ooc.  idk if i’ve ever directly spoken with you, but you seem so loving and caring and kind and sdjk ❤
ɪɪɪ. writing style.  is.  excellent.  you adapt very well according to scene, it’s actually quite enjoyable to read. uvu
ɪᴠ. i like the amount of depth and detail you put into everything, from the verses to basic architecture/art that ariadne would like, it’s very impressive and goes to show how qualified you are in playing this muse. (hint: vERY qualified :D )
ᴠ.i also think you’re p classy/have a presense on the dash.  like when you addressed all the bashing of rpers who use tiny text and symbols and icons and stuff.  /distant cheering u go girl.

♥ me babe. me.
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send me ♥ + a url and i will say five things that i like about them ; (not taking any more!)


ɪ. sdjdkl cutie.  i love how you’re so cute and nice and bubbly (no pun intended) and almost mischievous in a way? dfdg a+ personality tbh i never thought i could admire a pERSONALITY this much
ɪɪ. your muse.  dark!melody is an awesome idea, without being too ‘out there' if you know what i mean.  and you execute it perfectly ok.  plus samantha barks fc always a good excuse to have same on my dash uvu
ɪɪɪ. your wRITING.  dam gurl.  dat writing.  it’s so pretty and flowy and nice with out straying away from the point too much and just.  utterly.  admirable.
ᴠ.i love you a lot and would sing a romantic duet with you a’ight?

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send me ♥ + a url and i will say five things that i like about them ; (not taking any more! )



ɪ. kdjsakjfas;sj;s yOU ARE PERFECT.  i just have to say that first tbh.  everything about you is flawless, without fail or falter, and just shjgjsgKJS 
ɪɪ. okie doke, sOO your writing is really great but you probably are well aware of that lbr.  pure talent and raw beauty is very apparent in it, and basically anything and everything you write is very enjoyable to read.  i mean aNYTHING.
ɪɪɪ. shvjdfhb yOUR CERSEI THO.  if i didn’t know better i would think that you and cersei were  o n e  t h e  s a m e , but ofc you’re not as conniving as her.  or at least not openly.  but yES you get her character down so well and tbh i don’t see how anyone can read your cersei and not admire the character.  you do her justice.
ɪᴠ.  on that note, you are actually sweeter than buttercream frosting k?  like. dfkjkd such a contrast tbh, such a lovely person as you almost escapes the realm of my imagination.  iLY.
ᴠ. you are overall an aboslute and complete gift.  everything about you is perfect, from your self to your blog to your characterization, and i just dsfkhd tHANKYOU FOR EXISTING TBH.

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send me ♥ + a url and i will say five things that i like about them ;


ɪ. you are a doll ok.  srs angel, and i think you’re really sweet and funny and all that nice jazz.
ɪɪ. your writing is aMAZING.  truly.  actually addicted to reading it tbh, you keep things nice and exciting with all your descriptors while still channeling the character.
ɪɪɪ. yOU’RE AN EXCELLENT MARGY AND CATNIP AND ANNA AND EVERYTHING ELSE. hh oww does one maintain all those personalities inside of themselves???? you do it pERFECTLY OKAY all of your muses are completely spot on.
ɪᴠ. your themes are.  so pretty.  teach me your ways pls.
ᴠ.i just adore you????? /aTTACK HUGS THE MARGY TBH YOU ARE H E LLA RA D.

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                Sometimes I look at that Psyduck’s face,

                                                                                and I get a headache. 

✩ Independent RP blog for Misty from Pokemon. 

✩ Mainly uses icons/gifcons of Misty. (Or her faceclaim, if needed.)

✩ Open to paras/chats/minis—— pretty much anything. 

✩ Willing to interact with pretty much everyone at least once

✩ Mainly based on the anime, but I do have a game verse.*

✩ Multiverse, but single-ship and taken.

✩ If you follow me and interact with me you get a free Togepi* 

     ✩ CeruleanRules       ✩ Verses       ✩ About

oH MY GOD how many of those url things do you have?
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Clever girl. You play with fire because you want to be burnt.

Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (via hxwlett)
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send me ♥ + a url and i will say five things that i like about them ;


fsdjkl that is right so this might be brief

ɪ.you are an excellent cato.  idk if i’ve seen your peeta in action, but you are an excellent cato.  playing a villain like him would be a challenge to someone like me, because that would mean the rper has the sort of burden of proof to make readers sympathize with their character, since he’s already presented as a bad person.  u gOT MAD COURAGE.
ɪɪ. yes, and your writing style itself is nice.  really nice.  it would be cool to write with you ngl.
ɪɪɪ. sdjkl your theme is ultra fine one of them fancy scrollbar themes that all the cool kids have? yeahhhhh
ɪᴠ. you seem really nice and chill and sweet, and YESss i would like to talk to you more! :D you are actually really really nice.