Tue, 15th April   238

Only a bird could get much higher.


      “Well—- that too.
             One time there was a winter storm that destroyed
                    almost half of everything down by the docks.”

⊰ ➳ ⊱

         —Is there hunting in Four?❞

Tue, 15th April   46


  ❝ I want to feel stronger than that—
                                       I want to feel powerful.❞

➹ —  Independent RP blog for Allison Argent from MTV’s Teen Wolf
➹ —  Multi-verse | OC friendly | crossovers are loved | wants all the AUs.
➹ —  Familiar with most fandoms, willing to do homework if not.
➹ —  Mun has been writing forever, but 2+ years of Tumblr RPing.
➹ —  Mainly uses Icons/gif icons but literally everything is welcome.
➹ —  Writing varies— paras, novellas, one-liners, basically everything.
➹ —  Will probably make one-liners into paras eventually, I’m sorry.
➹ —  Will probably make you cry, I’m not really sorry.
➹ —  If it helps we can cry together over Skype. available upon request. ]
➹ —  Askbox is open for any and all OOC/and IC interactions.
➹ —  Mun basically wants to love everyone down tbh.

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What are your other blogs, if you have any? c:
from: Anonymous


wellll, i have katniss, ariel (disney), and sodapop curtis (the outsiders), as well as a couple others, but i’m mainly on these three accounts. c:



❝ Oh- if that’s the case then,
         don’t worry about it.
               It’s not important.

⊰ ➳ ⊱

         —By the way, 
           what’s your name?  
          I don’t think I’ve seen 
     you around the Seam before.❞

Tue, 15th April   409


The Hunger Games + pastel colors



         Bad weather for me is weather that you wouldn’t want to walk in.”

⊰ ➳ ⊱

 ❝Bad weather for me
is weather that you can’t
         walk in.❞

Mon, 14th April   1491


”You know, they’re not the only ones who can form alliances”, I say.

For a moment, no response. Then one of Rue’s eyes edges around the trunk. ”You want me for an ally?”