indie katniss everdeen roleplay blog from the hunger games trilogy, written by nala.

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The underdog.

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                                                    خنزير (khenzeer) n. - pig, swine
                                                                     └ indie au ganondorf rp blog

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M A I M E D L I O N . T U M B L R . C O M

Jaime Lannister Roleplaying Blog. Established 14 May, 2012.
Over two and a half years playing the muse. Eleven years 
roleplaying experience. Follows novel canon, versus HBO
canon. Welcomes interactions from all, I do not restrict to 
mutuals or fandom. Crossover, OC, and AU friendly - within
reason. Tracking the tag maimedlion. Not spoiler free. Loves
all forms of roleplaying - asks, scripts, paras, multiparas, etc.
Mun and muse 21+, as such NSFW material may be present.
Ships both J/C & J/B. So no ship war nonsense. Patience is
key, I do have two jobs offline. 
played by courtney

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  "/ you. / man this cutie is a dummy, too, huh. un u"

s hoo t i was gonna guess you bUT

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wHERE —— - -

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n o thx

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( ??? ;; )


            there’s a tiny smile on his lips now .
       maybe he’s doing well …
              ( he certainly isn’t getting much from her
                      e x p r e s s i o n alone )
   ’ she’s safe now —- — ’


⊰ ➳ ⊱

  she’s gotten this before ;
        not from others as much
                  as herself.
      being dead was better than
     being alive and alone,
       she knew that.  prim was
              ( good and safe. )
         she couldn’t help but feel
            perturbed by the man’s
             condolences, however.
                          “—- — i know. ”

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  "you're the first katniss rp i've ever seen and i'm freaking out!!!!!! thank you for existing!!!!!!! :D"


t h ANK YOU NONNIE BABU !!  but if you’re not satisfied with my portrayal, i recommend you check out offireandrebellion , firemxtt , kynigxs , bowisms , unseenmockingjay , catnxp , onflamingwings , hunteronfire and reborninashes.  they’re other katnisses who i have either spoken with / am heavily biased towards ooc, or have recognized on my dash as active and quality catnips !! uvu

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no man dies for what he knows to be true.
men die for what they want to be true , for
what some terror in their
hearts tells them is not true.

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